About tiles at National Tile Ltd...

National Tile Ltd offers the best tiles for every and any purpose

As ancient civilisations discovered long ago, tiles make for a beautiful and elegant floor and wall covering. Thousands of years later, we can still walk on the same tiled floors as our ancestors, and still admire the style and workmanship of their wall tiles. Today, we continue to use tiles for the same purposes, but we have expanded the applications of tiles to include kitchen tiles, hall tiles, and decorative tiles in public spaces. Tiles are the best choice for conducting heat from under-floor heating systems and for tanking and water-proofing bathrooms. Tiles are being used for innovative purposes in entrance halls and foyers, as feature walls behind office reception desks and even as head boards in the bedroom, and well as multiple all surfaces in SPAs. National Tile offers a huge range of hygienic, easy-to-maintain tiles for every and any purpose:

Bathroom wall tiles

We help you find the right mix and make the right choice of functional and aesthetic tiles that are easy to clean and prevent seepage of moisture.

Kitchen wall tiles

We offer plenty of traditional and contemporary choices that allow you to match the various finishes of your kitchen units and other kitchen appliances.

Floor tiles

We offer lots of different combinations to suit your flooring needs, from polished to non-slip, from true body to glazed, from porcelain to stone.

Commercial tiles

Whether you need tiles for the floor or walls, and whatever the commercial application – shopping malls, hotels, airports, showrooms, gyms, entertainment complexes, foyers, SPAs – we have the perfect solution.