July 18, 2017

Evoke Triangle 15x17. Elegant geometry and spectacular design walls.

Creative tiles Ireland. ZYX Triangles. Modern wall design inspiration

Evoke Cascade White Matt + Cascade Black Matt + Layer White Matt + Layer Black Matt

National Tile Ltd always satisfies the needs all of interior designers and architects in Ireland with unique and complete solutions to express new ideas and create bold projects. Theirs new 3D tile collection wants to inspire, surprise and help creative people to push their projects to new dimensions.

ZYX hopes to become an inspirational force where designers from Ireland and all over the world can find aesthetic and constructive solutions.

EVOKE. Tiles for the people who break the limits and rules.

ZYX EVOKE, the first collection made up of two ceramic elements designed to give a unique personality to a space. It transforms the wall into a great canvas for creating new and powerful architectural spaces. New formats, a multitude of finishes, infinite decorative possibilities and great creative potential are the trademarks of the collection capable of generating stunning projects. EVOKE is composed of a triangle and diamond, two items that leave conventionalism behind and are notable for their three-dimensionality and volume. Two items with varying relief that provide multiple mounting possibilities and manage to create interiors remarkable for their personality, design and use of light.

ZYX Triangle. Coffee shop modern style interior design. Tiles Ireland

ZYX Evoke. Triangle. Layer WhiteMmatt + Cascade White Matt

ZYX Triangles 15x17 shapes. Creative tiles for architects and interior designers. Tiles Ireland


Evoke focuses on a key geometric shape - the triangle. It is an ingenious form, essential for configuring unique patterns or other polygons . By adding finishes such as cement and precious metals, it offers an extensive range of interior design solutions, ranging from minimalist to the more eclectic.

LAYER 15x17

Everything starts with the plane, a two-dimensional surface. This collection would not be complete without a smooth, triangular tile, designed to be used alone or combined with large tiles. A tile that forms the basis of the new Evoke ceramic collection. Layer is a smooth equilateral triangle in four shades. The 15x17cm format, white body tile from the Evoke collection is based on a composite system. Layer is suitable for both public spaces and domestic use, and features timeless combinations such as black and white, or bolder options, such as cement, gold, silver and copper.

Creative wall tiles Ireland. ZYX Evoke Triangles. Colour range. White, Black, Cement, Gold, Silver, Copper, Matt, Glossy.
ZYX Cascade. Creative wall tiles Ireland. Modern style kitchen wall design inspiration

ZYX Evoke. Cascade White Glossy 15x17


A three-dimensional triangular tile in a wedge shape which provides architects and interior designers with a new option for creating dynamic spaces. Cascade perfectly complements the smooth Layer, or may also be used alone, to striking effect. Cascade is available in white with a matt or gloss finish, black, gold, silver or copper. The differently-sized sides enable the tiles to be positioned in various ways. The result is a large-volume, geometric design ranging from an ordered to a more striking, apparently haphazard effect. Lighting is key to accentuate the properties of these tiles. Combine black and white or opt for one of the stand alone colors.

ZYX Cascade. Creative wall tiles Ireland. Colour range white black gold silver copper matt glossy


Channel is a concave triangular tile, with a rounded surface hollowed in the centre, putting the spotlight firmly on the observer. Channel works perfectly as a stand-alone tile, creating surfaces with light and shade effects or can be combined with other tiles from the Evoke collection. Available colours: white with a gloss or matt finish, black, gold, silver and copper. In monochrome layouts (black and white or metallic) Channel is ideal for creating smooth geometries, blurring the triangle outlines and blending the rounded edges.

ZYX Channel. Concave triangular creative wall tile.

ZYX Evoke. Channel White Glossy 15x17

ZYX Channel. Creative wall tiles for architects and interior designers in Ireland
ZYX Level. Unique creative pyramid shape wall tiles for architects and interior designers in Ireland

Left: Carrara Grey. Right: ZYX Evoke Level Cement

LEVEL 15x17

Level is a triangular tile with a pyramid shape, subtly rounded edges, and a soft but dynamic shape. An equilateral, faceted triangular tile available in white with a gloss or matt finish, black matt, cement, metallic gloss and laser suitable for creating a hexagonal effect. Level works perfectly as a stand-alone tile or with other basic tiles, in a combination of colors. Multi-faceted Level creates dynamic surfaces, where light and shade enhance the shape. An on-trend, attractive tile design that triples and transforms the surface with a clear new perspective.

ZYX Evoke Level. Creative wall tile collection. Modern interior design idea

ZYX Evoke. Level White Matt 15x17. Black Matt/Cement/Gold Laser/Silver Laser/Copper Laser

Creative wall tiles Ireland. ZYX Evoke Triangles. Colour range. White, Black, Cement, Gold, Silver, Copper, Matt, Glossy.
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