Large selection of top quality engineered wood floors in Ireland.

Engineered wooden floors

Every house and its interior are a reflection of its owner's taste and personality. Choose a wooden floor from one of our collections to give your home a distinctive appearance that people will remember. You can choose from the traditional lacquered and oiled boards or the luxurious Caislean Oak series, which is produced in our workshop exclusively to your needs. For you, we can blend and produce distinctive colours that perfectly match the shade of your home's walls, floors and furniture.
If you don't find anything you like, we can make a custom tone just for you. Nothing should restrict your vision. Whatever your goal for your flooring is: aged, brushed, sanded, or monochromatic. With us, you will find any type of flooring you want, including straight plank, herringbone, chevron, or a combination of patterns in any style, finish, width, and shade.
Our products are characterized by low VOC since odourless, non-toxic varnishes and oils are used to create them. We guarantee that the wood used in its creation originates from sources that are 100% certified and that the process used to get it did not harm the environment. You, your children, and your pets may walk on any of our wooden flooring without any worries.
Our boards are simple to install and require no specific DIY skills thanks to 5G locking technology. They are also resistant to humidity, temperature (they may be set on hot floors), buckling, swelling, and other distortions. The UV-hardened varnish that has been applied shields your floor against common home stains like food, wine, tea, coffee, or grease. Many satisfied customers in Ireland and Northern Ireland have our boards in their homes.