Stylish home office flooring.

Best flooring for the home office and student's workspace.

Setting up a Home Office? Wondering what flooring you should choose? Let us help you with that decision!

Due to Covid-19, many of us had to start working remotely from home. Part of our living space is now a home office. It may not have been a big challenge to separate a part of your home into a workplace, but is the floor covering in this room suitable for its new purpose?
Over time, you may notice signs of wear on a floor that is not suitable for this purpose. In my house, I have solid wood flooring. It looked beautiful and natural until I used this area as an office and my caster chair after just a few days left its mark on my beautiful wood floor. After only a matter of days my floor needed renovation as it had many scratches on it. To Repair the floor it would need to be sanded and re-varnished so that the scratches would not be visible. What to do, if you do not want to risk the high costs of renovation of inadequate flooring?

Excellent flooring for a student's workspace.

Transparent PVC floor mats.

It is the right solution, but it is only temporary, and it does not look attractive. Often castors leave marks on the mat that are difficult to remove. Sometimes you go too far and then you can also damage the floor.

Clear PVC floor cover.

Is carpet a good option?

Carpet will make a very comfortable floor covering although there are many down sides. With all the potential spills of tea and coffee this will not be good on carpet. Carpet also gathers dust especially with a computer in the room and this will not be good for allergy sufferers.

Avoid carpets in your home office.

Laminate or vinyl flooring.

Currently the home decor market and National Tile offers a wide range of laminate and vinyl flooring, which reflect the perfect plank structure in every detail but they are much more resistant to mechanical damage than real wood. They are anti-static, do not gather the dust and protect your computer equipment from electric surges and damage.

Perfect laminate flooring for your home office.

PARADOR SPC VINYL FLOORS are completely water-resistant. Easy to clean, which saves you precious time and is a big advantage for allergy sufferers. They are also resistant to stains such as spilt coffee or ink from the printer. Some modern laminate flooring already has a built-in cork acoustic insulation. They are quiet, and you can be sure they do not distract you in situations that require special attention.

Modular One. Best vinyl flooring for home office and student's workspace.

Installation is a breeze!
You can install your new home office flooring easily thanks to the patented Click System. PARADOR BASIC 5.3 VINYLS are only 5.3mm thick and can be placed directly on the existing floor! They are resistant to UV light. You do not have to worry about the discoloration and ageing effect. Vinyls are also softer for better under foot comfort.

The easiest flooring to install for your home office.

Ceramic tiles.

If you have the opportunity to lay a new floor, PORCELAIN TILES are the best choice. They are the most durable of all flooring materials for commercial and domestic use. They are resistant to fire and electric sparks. They do not react to UV radiation, so they always look fresh and beautiful.

Porcelain tiles - the most durable flooring for your home office and student's workspace.

All porcelain tiles are resistant to heavy foot traffic, loading and scratches. They stand up well to office chairs and moving furniture. Due to their low absorption, they are easy to clean and 100% resistant to water, stains and aggressive cleaners and disinfecting agents. National Tile offers a wide range in many colours, textures and effects (concrete, wood, pattern) and dimensions. The present wood or stone look tiles are remarkably similar to their prototype. They do not require polishing, waxing or impregnation. The only thing the tiles need is a good tiler 👍

Concrete look porcelain tiles for the home office

If like me you don’t wear shoes in your home office and you want to make the tile more comfortable under your feet you could also install Underfloor Heating System. Nothing is more distracting and annoying than freezing feet for 8 or more hours at work. 😉

Amber the best underfloor heating system for home offices and student's workspaces.

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