Extra large format ceramin tiles Ireland. Durable as tiles, but much more lightweight, waterproof and PVC free.

Ceramin tiles

Wall & floor tiles

Ceramin Tiles Ireland. Barone Antarctic 1202x2550x3.2mm.
Barone Antarctic 1202x2550x3.2mm


Ceramin Tiles Ireland. Avola Vesuvius Anthracite 1202x2550x3.2mm.
Avola Vesuvius Anthracite 1202x2550x3.2mm


Ceramin Tiles Ireland. Donna Oryx White 1202x2550x3.2mm.
Donna Oryx White 1202x2550x3.2mm


Ceramin Tiles Ireland. Morro Diamond Beige 1202x2550x3.2mm.
Morro Diamond Beige 1202x2550x3.2mm


Ceramin Tiles Ireland. Fiano Mid Grey 1202x2550x3.2mm.
Fiano Mid Grey 1202x2550x3.2mm


Ceramin Tiles Ireland. Veneto Moonlight Black 1202x2550x3.2mm.
Veneto Moonlight Black 1202x2550x3.2mm


Ceramin Tiles Ireland. Volvera Roman Grey 1202x2550x3.2mm.
Volvera Roman Grey 1202x2550x3.2mm


Ceramin Tiles Ireland. Carona Rocket Grey 1202x2550x3.2mm.
Carona Rocket Grey 1202x2550x3.2mm


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CERAMIN® TILES are made from volcanic rock and ecological polymer. They are healthy alternative for PVC solutions, the easy alternative for ceramic tiles and natural stone.

  • Natural look.
  • Warm touch.
  • Elegant micro-joint, no joint filling necessary.
  • Acoustic comfort.
  • 100% waterproof & easy to care.
  • Light & easy to handle.
  • As durable as a ceramic tile.
  • Dimensionally stable & heavy duty.
  • Thin, ideal for renovation.
  • Fast installation, without loud machines & dust.
  • Easy cutting to size using a cutter knife or laminate cutter.
  • Easy adhesive bonding on walls & floors. Simply paste over old tiles.
  • PVC free.
  • Contaminant free.
  • Ecological. 100% recoverable, easily recyclable.
  • Patented technology. German quality.
Technical Details
Dimensions 1202x2550x3.2mm
Sheet/m² 3.11
Sheet/y² 3.72
Sheets/Pallet 24
m²/Pallet 74.72
Slip rating R10 (except: Corona Rocket Grey & Volvera Roman Grey)

*The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the characteristics of the packaging as per the terms and conditions of the order.