Fila MARBLE RESTORER - marble restoration kit.

Fila Marble Restorer. Marble restoration kit
  • What it is for:

  • To restore small surfaces made of marble, travertine stone and polished limestone which have been marked by acid-based stains or atmospheric agents.
  • It is ideal for restoring kitchen and bathroom tops, tables, steps and window sills.
  • It removes dullness caused by wear and tear as well as small marks on polished stone floors.
  • Surfaces: marble, polished marble, travertine, limestone and agglomerates.
  • Marble and all types of polished limestone. Polished terrazzo surfaces, whether they are Venetian style, made of marble and cement or marble and resin.
  • Granite, quartz resin agglomerates or naturally acid resistant types of stone.
  • Caution: Some types of naturally acid resistant marble, such as verde alpi, cannot be polished using this method.
  • The kit contains:

  • Fila Marble One yellow metallic pad.
  • Fila Marble Two white resin pad.
  • Fila Marble Three blue resin pad.
  • Fila Marble Sponge(white polishing pad).
  • Fila Marble Shine - marble polish - 6.8 fl oz.
  • Fila Formula Marmo - marble finishing polish - 8.5 fl oz.
  • Gloves

Fila SR95 75ml - Stain remover for natural stone and porcelain tiles.

Fila SR95. Stain remover for natural stone and porcelain tiles
  • What it is for:

  • Removes coloured organic stains: wine, soft drinks, coffee, tea, etc.
  • Surface: porcelain tiles, polished and unpolished marble and agglomerates, glazed ceramic tiles, concrete.
  • Advantages:

  • Penetrating stain remover – Goes deeper than any other cleaning product.
  • Specially developed to remove stains from natural stone surfaces (marble, travertine, agglomerates).
  • Can be confidently used on natural stone with a polished finish, which will not be damaged by the product.
  • Excellent for tables and windowsills.
  • Ideal for low-absorption ceramic surfaces (porcelain, textured single-fired tiles).
  • Application

    1. Shake the can before use. Apply on the stain, ensuring it is completely covered.
    2. Leave to sit for about 15 minutes.
    3. Remove residue with a sponge.
  • For extremely stubborn stains on marble surfaces it is necessary to remove the product before it dries completely and then repeat the operation.
  • Caution: this product bleaches fabrics!
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