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January 2, 2017

NEW MATERIALS / Venetian Terazzo /

Invented by Venetian mosaic workers in the 15th century, Terrazzo is one of the most versatile tiling options available in the industry. It is a mix of marble, quartz, granite, glass, or other suitable material chips embedded into a cement or epoxy as its base. After it is cured it is ground and polished smooth, or otherwise finished to produce a uniformly textured surface. Reaching a peak in popularity in the mid-20th century, terrazzo is often associated with mid-century contemporary design.

Why Terrazzo? The first is its looks. Secondly, Terrazzo is also one of the most durable tiling materials on the market – much more so than its stone competitors.

Get inspired. Blog. Tile trends 2017. Venetian Terrazzo. Marvel Gems.
Get inspired. Blog. Tile trends 2017. Bathroom interior design inspiration

Marvel Gems / Terrazzo White 40x80 /


Marvel Gems from Atlas Concorde (Italy) is a collection of ceramic tiles that combine the look of Venetian Terrazzo with the superb quality of porcelain and white body wall tiles. It is a complete range of floor and wall tiles whose impression is magnified through shards, inserts and fragments replicating marble, creating fascinating and eclectic living and commercial areas.


The collection reflects the wide range of colours and sizes of the original crushed marble embedded into a cement. The variations in colour within the Marvel project include various sub-base tonalities and marble effect fragments, to create elegant and highly unusual combinations.

Tile inspiration. Trends 2017. Venetian Terrazzo.

Marvel Gems is available in various sizes. Wall tiles: 50x110cm , 40x80cm, mosaic 30x30cm. Floor tiles: 75x150cm, 75x75cm, 60x60cm, 45x90cm and 30x60cm.

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Marvel Gems / Terrazzo Grey/


Porcelain tiles evoke Venetian Terrazzo with white, luminous pale stone chips on a cement grey base. These tiles ensure resistance and durability over years, with low maintenance costs. Cement grey as a neutral colour and the honed tile surface is an excellent background for exclusive product display. Contrasting colours are key in this combination. Gold finish trims (Schluter Systems), lamp shades and accessories add a splendour to your interior. Cold tonality makes this project a modern style.

Interior design inspirational blog. Exclusive bathroom. Tile trends 2017
Tile trends 2017. Interior design blog. New terrazzo wall tiles

Marvel Gems / Terrazzo Cream 40x80 /


Marvel Gems ensure an unforgettable experience in every bathroom and wellness area, thanks to its simplicity, elegance, high quality finish and diversity of decoration. If your project requires the highest quality of visual experience, the white and sand tones of marble shards are the proper choice.

Interior design tile trends 2017. Modern style lounge bar inspiration
Interior design blog. Tile trends 2017. Grey terrazzo wall tiles

Marvel Gems / Terrazzo Grey/


Used in this project are the extra large format tiles 75x150cm and 8.5mm thick. A low number of joins avoid the "dirty grout effect". The high polished surface and big size of the tile is much easier to clean than the standard solution with 30x60cm tile. The fusion of Marvel Stone Bianco Dolomite & Marvel Gems Pearl create the loung bar interior, elegant and unique. Polished brass accessories and equipment compliment contemporary design.

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Get inspired. Tile trends. Terrazzo white porcelain floor tiles

Marvel Gems / Terrazzo White 40x80 /


Through using friendly and natural looking materials such as: wood, marble and glass, the bathroom has a fresh and modern appearance. The shower wall with mirror effect mosaic achives an incredible, luxurious effect. The wood look porcelain tile (Etic Pro Rovere Venice) in conjunction with Schluter low floor drainage system, adds warmth and new feeling on the floor. Marvel Gems tiles enliven walls with the elegance of Venetian Terrazzo, so that the beauty of marble is transferred to a gleaming mirror-like glazed surface. The rich palette available in the wall tiles is joined by a sophisticated blue, to decorate the bathroom in the latest trend.

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Left: Marvel Stone / Nero Marquina /
Right: Marvel Gems / Terrazzo Mix Cold/


The theme of Venetian Terrazzo is proposed in a contemporary key for spaces where the shards and inserts emerge like marble jewels scattered across a continuous, brilliant surface. The splendid brilliance of the tiles in porcelain and white body, reproduce the luminosity of the marble inspiring them. 3D decor on the floor adds visual depth and a modern look.

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Interior design inspirations. Palladian Villas wall design

Left: Terrazzo Grey 50x110cm
Right: Palladian Carrara 50x110cm.


One of the best part of the Marvel Gems collection is the "Palladiana Carrara". Large and irregular fragments of Carrara marble embedded into a cement, high polished finish creates wall and floor with the most modern retro style. The Palladian can be used as the main tile or decorative part of a design. Through the use of ultra hi-tech printing techology by Atlas Concorde, every Marvel Gems tile is a different, like in nature, but with all the advantages of porcelain tiles.


Marvel Gems is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful materials for your modern or classic style interior design project. Simplicity, timeless design and marble chips turn your room into an incredible looking place. Wide palette of colours, half hex and 3D decors, mosaics and stairs element gives you unlimited possibilites. Collection, using its natural character can be linked up with other materials such as wood, precious metals and glass. If you are inspired by Palladian Villas in Italy, the Marvel Gems is a perfect choice for you.

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